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Health & Wellness Coach

Tosha has been a health & wellness life coach since 2017 when she began working with families affected by Autism learn to live more manageable daily lives. Tosha embraced coaching as an additional professional service to help individuals address life concerns outside of clinical assessment and treatment. Not everyone has a clinical concern, and there are circumstances that simply need clarity with direction and accountability. Coaching considerations include work-life balance, perfectionism, self confidence, parenting strategies, relationship improvement, professional development, personal boundaries, and self-care. Tosha provides online and in person coaching sessions and encourages clients to walk in their own truths, embrace who they are, and seek clarity on how they want to live out their daily lives. Coaching provides clients with accountability & sustainable goals to help them become the ideal version of who they want to be.

I am a certified facilitator for the Prepare Enrich program, which is unique and evidence based. According to Prepare Enrich Program, “committed couples gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress and strength and growth areas. This is a proven program that truly enriches families overall relationships and well being. Parents expand their understanding of parenting styles and dynamics while strengthening their own communication.”

Life Coaching Services

Tosha Rollins was certified in 2017 by the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) as a Health Wellness Coach. There are many benefits to working with a life coach. Coaching is defined by The International Coach Federation (ICF) as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives. The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that the client already has.”

Tosha has worked with many families to help them live more satisfied and manageable lives.

Coaching Testimonials

We have been working with Tosha remotely now for about 6 months, receiving life coaching for our 9 year old son who experiences anxiety and has challenges regulating his emotions. He has always struggled with handling “big” emotions, getting easily frustrated and overwhelmed with worry. Outlets like sports and being around friends have always helped in the past, but with the covid-19 shutdown preventing him from having that interaction we found the problems were getting worse. Finding Tosha has been life changing. She’s helped our son learn to identify and “name” his emotions, recognize his triggers, and utilize the various tools she’s provided to help regain control of his emotions and work through his feelings. We’ve seen a lot of improvement in the short time since we’ve started with Tosha. And her coaching extends beyond just our son–she’s helped our entire family identify ways to work through disagreements and frustrations together in a more positive way.
-Jessica Carter

Over the years of knowing you as my husbands amazing secretary and our dear friend I also knew you were very involved as the Mother of 2 boys with autism. When we found out our son was diagnosed with high functioning autism, you began the long road of helping us through all the uncertainties of this scary diagnosis that I knew very little about. With your knowledge and expertise of this disability, you played a tremendous role in guiding us in the various directions this journey would take! You have definitely proven to us that any questions I may have with treatment, counseling and the many aspects of autism you have answers for us! Countless times I have sought out your guidance on questions about what I should do for our son. You continue to this day to be someone I can call on at any time to help me with the challenges of having a child on the autism spectrum!
-Vickie Pearson Gedosch
The entire process of trying to find services for your autistic child is over whelming and discouraging. It is almost as if you are a part of a secret club and no one is willing to give you the key to the door. Tosha Rollins has been instrumental in my process and helping me find services that best fit my child’s needs. She has learned the ins and outs in order to best serve her boys because she too felt lost with no guidance in the beginning. Through all of her work, research, and dedication to change she has passed her wisdom on to the rest of us that are struggling. I was faced with slammed doors and unanswered calls until Tosha told me exactly who to contact and what to say. She taught me the correct verbiage to use to get the attention my family needed. She was a huge advocate for my child in and out of the public school system, medical system, and even now in our adventure with home schooling. She has been there every step of the way coaching me and cheering us on. All while helping us receive the services and programs that are out there for my child. I couldn’t have done it without her. She has been such an important leader on our journey.
-Laura D.
I have known Tosha Rollins for about 5 years, and she has volunteered many hours of her time, energy, devotion to the program I have founded. One of my main objectives is to protect the integrity of Strap Em Up Boot Camp at all costs, I would not allow just anyone to work with our kids. Tosha Rollins has been an extremely valuable resource for us. She has always worked hard, she can be trusted, and she is severely missed by our staff and cadets, when she is able to help us, she makes herself available to us. She has humbled herself with our cadets and has shared on numerous occasions her wisdom and expertise. We have a lot of foster kids in the program, sometimes they are harder to reach, Tosha Rollins has reached them and shown them that life does get better. Tosha Rollins is an asset to any organization, through her professional demeanor, dependability, quickness to pick up new information and process it successfully. She is a very personable lady and has the gift to connect to anyone. She is capable. She is loyal. She is worthy of trust. It has been my pleasure to work with her in the past and see the ways she interacts with all aspects of our program. She has a connection of trust and believability. On regard to events we have gone to, or participate in, her professionalism is always on display.
-Drill Sgt. Sullivan
Founder and Executive Director of Strap Em Up
Boot Camp

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